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My background

I come from a literary family, which explains my precocious reading and writing habits. My family was not prosperous, but I was lucky enough to get scholarships and extended family support that enabled me to attend an excellent private school, and then Stanford University. Almost every thing I have done since leaving high school has been in the international field. I have studied French and Portuguese, traveled to 23 countries, and am the only (to the best of my knowledge) American Eisenhower Exchange Fellow to Greece.

Like many students in the 1960s, I got involved in politics, which led me to getting an AB degree in Political Science, specializing in foreign affairs and what Stanford referred to as the studies of the communist system.

Following college and getting married, and with the Vietnam War still going on, I enlisted in the U.S. Army Security Agency, which sent me to the Defense Language Institute in California to learn Portuguese. Then I was assigned for about three years to the National Security Agency, which gave me a taste of the intelligence business. I continue to be fascinated today by everything having to do with the intelligence community.

Upon leaving the Army, I embarked on a career in international commercial banking. Early on in that career, I went to the University of Connecticut at night to earn an MBA in Finance, emerging at the head of my class, and earning the "Wall Street Journal" Student Achievement Award. My banking career lasted about twenty years, and was succeeded by almost seventeen years as a bank regulator with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, supervising U.S. branches of foreign banks.

Throughout my banking career, I was also involved as an officer of a variety of not-for-profit organizations, something I have continued to do in retirement.

I am not without ancillary activities. I have been married to my wife for over fifty years, and have been active as a singer of classical music, mostly opera and art songs. I have continued to be a voluminous reader of all sorts of books, and to be interested in intellectual history. I love old cars, and am the proud owner of a 1955 Packard. Also, with my wife, I am active in golden retriever rescue.  Look at the photo gallery below to see my 1955 Packard and two of the golden retrievers we have had.

My writing roots

I have been writing one thing or another almost my entire life. As a boy, I won an honorable mention in a Boys Life writing contest for a story called The Golden Arrow, about the life of a medieval knight who advanced from the peasantry to the nobility.

Until recently, my voluminous writing was done in a work environment, but mostly involved classified or confidential information, and so couldn't be published. However, I did publish one book in 1989 entitled The Financing of Ship Acquisitions which was considered a definitive work on the subject at the time. That was followed by a series  of  almost twenty magazine articles (mostly on shipping subjects) for a variety of magazines and journals.

Since retiring in 2009, my writing has been largely on financial subjects for non-profit organizations, particularly in theater and drama. Lately, though, I have been focused on serious fiction. Available on this web site is a short story I have recently written entitled Lenin's Baby: What is to be Done?  I have been fascinated by the personality of Lenin since I was in college, and I saw a way to link it to an episode in my first novel (see below) in which my main character's family is assassinated. Also available on this web site is another short story of mine (At the Back Table) I wrote a long time ago and recently updated. It's also available in the form of a dialog. See below if you would like to download any of these.

My first novel, called The Tehran Cyber Connection, which concerns the illegal export of a mainframe computer from the U.S. to Iran--is based on a case I was involved with before I was retired--and is now live on Amazon, and available for sale. 

I have another novel that I have recently published entitled Debit Cards for Terror. You won't be surprised to hear that it has to do with money laundering. It is available on Amazon, and for a period of one week starting on 2/28/2020, it is available for only $0.99 for the e-version, and $7.99 for the paperback. Then the e-version will revert to $2.99.

In partnership with my sister, I have edited and published a novel written by our father  entitled The Man Who Would be Emperor. It is a historical novel about the many years-campaign of Andreas Comnenus to make it to the throne at Constantinople.  It is set in the 12th century. It is also live on Amazon. All my book covers have been done by my wife, who is a professionally trained graphic designer.


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